Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Lord and His Maya - Krishna as Vatapathra Sayee

"Why do the best of the sages reject even heavenly nectar and instead drink the water from My lotus feet?" 

Thinking in this way, Bala-Mukunda eagerly sucks His own lotus foot (contemplating on the next cycle of creation).

During the universal deluge, the Supreme Lord Narayana takes the form of a little baby floating on a banyan leaf over the dangerous torrents of pralaya jalam, the waters of cosmic dissolution. He protects all the universe and its beings by swallowing them in His tiny stomach and rests them there, while contemplating about their creation once again after the deluge by releasing the Universe and its beings from the safe storage place (viz)., His stomach.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Soundarya Lahari - Sloka: 43

Beneficial Results: 
அஞ்ஞான இருட்டு அகல Cure of ordinary diseases, success in all endeavours.
Enhances hair growth. Gains influence in society.

धुनोतु ध्वान्तं न-स्तुलित-दलितेन्दीवर-वनं
घनस्निग्ध-श्लक्ष्णं चिकुर निकुरुम्बं तव शिवे ।
यदीयं सौरभ्यं सहज-मुपलब्धुं सुमनसो
वसन्त्यस्मिन् मन्ये बलमथन वाटी-विटपिनाम् ॥ ४३ ॥

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Atmarpanastuti - Sloka 34

माता तातः सुत इति समाबध्य मां मोहपाशै- 
रापात्यैवं भवजलनिधौ हा किमीश त्वयाऽऽप्तम् । 
एतावन्तं समयमियतीमार्तिमापादितेऽस्मिन् 
कल्याणी ते किमिति न कृपा कापि मे भाग्यरेखा ॥ ३४॥

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